Tips to maintaining your safety flooring

Posted on 26th February 2018

Maintaining your safety flooring is paramount to keeping people in your premises safe. You may be handling potentially dangerous chemicals, or you may have a high potential for spill risk; whatever the reason for needing safety flooring, maintaining it is essential.


Thorough and regular cleaning is essential to ensuring that your flooring is maintained to the standards needed for everyone’s safety. As well as being hygienic, a properly cleaned floor will continue to perform correctly. It’s important to make sure you know what you’re cleaning and the best way to deal with it. For example, cleaning up soluble mess such as salt or detergents is generally easier as this will dissolve in water. However, you’re more likely to come across insoluble mess, such as glass or plastic fragments. These can be vacuumed or swept with relative ease; when dealing with other insoluble substances such as oil, more thorough measures will be needed to take care of the mess, such as using the correct solution or detergent.

Controlling outside influence

Ensuring that dirt excluders and matts are installed at every entrance to an area with safety flooring will stop dirt being carried in on people’s shoes. These matts themselves should also be regularly cleaned to preserve their effectiveness.

To summarise, the best ways to maintain your safety flooring is to protect it when it’s initially installed, regularly and thoroughly clean any spills using the correct equipment and procedures, and ensuring that outside dirt is kept away.

RW Hall

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