Floor Preparation & Latexing

The longevity and quality of any industrial flooring installation is highly dependent on the preparation of the subfloor. At RW Hall Flooring we not only focus firmly on the end result, but also on ensuring the subfloor preparation is carried out to the highest standards. It is this attention to detail that enables our highly-skilled installation team to deliver perfect contract flooring finishes time and again.

With more than five decades of experience in the flooring industry, we have encountered and overcome many of the challenges associated with commercial and industrial floor preparation. Our expert applications and treatments can fully prepare your premises’ subflooring for the installation of commercial floor systems.

We specialise in floor screeding to create a smooth, dust and contaminant-free surface for new commercial floor covering. For existing concrete floors in particular, we also apply self-levelling, water and chemical-based latex compounds on top of screeds to further rectify differences in floor levels and provide additional durability and protection for the subfloor.

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Our experienced professionals will also check subfloor moisture levels to determine whether a new surface damp proof membrane is necessary prior to installation.

Damp proof membranes are essential protection for commercial and industrial floors that are regularly subject to damp conditions. They provide a watertight seal that thwarts any moisture from penetrating the floor covering and doing long-term damage underneath.

Ultimately, the specific floor preparation methods used to prepare, damp proof, prime and latex your commercial floor will depend on the environment and the usage of your new flooring.

At RW Hall Flooring, we have prepared and installed commercial flooring for clients across East Anglia and on the fringes of London in a host of sectors, from public sector and retail to light industrial. You can rely on us to maximise the lifespan of your new flooring.