Vinyl Flooring

For commercial environments where first impressions are vital and the risk of slippage and hygiene is low, commercial vinyl flooring can deliver a great-value blend of performance and style. At RW Hall Flooring, we have thousands of vinyl flooring samples that are highly versatile, with a great choice of colours and finishes. Vinyl floor surfaces create low-maintenance work areas that you can rely on and are great for high-traffic applications.

One of the most versatile flooring materials for any commercial application, vinyl flooring can deliver exactly the aesthetics you are looking for. Whether it is a natural wood, stone, mosaic or tiled effect, vinyl flooring can achieve faultless finishes for your place of work with relative ease.

Vinyl flooring materials tend to be tough and durable in texture, with a high degree of impact resistance that is so often needed in high-traffic, heavy-duty premises. Similarly, vinyl floor surfaces benefit from impressive acoustic qualities, minimising interior noise levels when walked on and – in some cases – can even improve insulation thanks to their cushioned, multi-layered structure.

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The most effective commercial flooring not only needs to look the part, it needs to be flexible enough to cope with the unpredictable nature of working life.

This is where vinyl flooring can really come into its own. Its sealed, waterproof surface means spillages and contaminants are easily wiped away, simultaneously maintaining its impressive aesthetics and levels of hygiene.

At RW Hall Flooring we acknowledge that floor preparation is just as important as choosing the right commercial flooring in the first place.

Our highly-skilled team have many years of experience in preparing subfloors and screeds for vinyl flooring installation, ensuring a watertight surface that’s perfectly level for a long-lasting vinyl floor.

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