Flooring Styles for 2018

Posted on 18th April 2018

2018 brings with it a host of new flooring styles for both the home and commercial space. 2017’s focus on extreme colours has carried on over to 2018. Both ultra-light and ultra-dark colours are the go to for flooring, with not much of anything in between – with an exception for grey.

Shades of grey

Grey still shows no sign of going anywhere. Its versatility is a big factor in its popularity, with a huge spectrum of shades to choose from. You can have both a subtle, light shade or a striking dark one, all from the same colour.

Carpet & Vinyl

Carpet is also set to remain a mainstay of flooring, with advances in technology leading to better carpet options than ever before. Waterproof carpets are now available, giving the look and comfort of carpet with the advantages that were before only available with vinyl flooring.

Vinyl is still growing in popularity, due to its versatile looks which can mimic wood and stone along with its durability and waterproof properties. It’s also one of the most affordable flooring options, often with the cheapest cost when compared to the materials that it imitates.

Timeless trends

As always, one more thing to consider is how much a current or new style will hold up a little way down the line. Your flooring is going to last you years, so consider how much the style you go for will be appropriate in the years to come – don’t be afraid to go with current styles, but styles with a timeless feel to them are always a good option. Thankfully, a lot of these flooring trends are continuations of lasting trends which all have a subtle and timeless look to them whilst still being varied enough so that there’s something for everyone.

RW Hall

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